Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Air Quality Testing
OccuHealth, Inc. can assess indoor air according to a variety of factors. Air quality testing is one of the most important factors in keeping employees healthy and able to work efficiently.
Our services can determine the cause of an air quality testing problem or help prevent them before they occur. Investigations and monitoring for carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, dust mites, and petroleum hydrocarbon levels are some of the capabilities we offer. Recognizing the role of mold and water damage in air quality, we offer comprehensive testing and remediation design services in these areas.
Whether for safety purposes or to meet specific air quality testing needs for your particular work site or facility, please contact us to further discuss your needs and see how OccuHealth can help.
Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Assessments Airborne Dust Particle Characterization
Airborne Particulate Measurements
Airborne Ultrafine Particulate Levels
Carbon Dioxide and Fresh Air Levels
Carbon Monoxide Monitoring
Long Term Datalogging Air Quality Monitoring
Temperature and Relative Humidity
Volatile Organic Compounds Concentrations
Indoor Mold and Water Damage Assessments Air and Surface Mold Testing
Comprehensive Water Damage/Mold Remediation Plans
Culturable and Non-Culturable Sampling
Infrared Imaging Moisture Surveys
Insurance Claims Assessments and Cause Identification
Interstitial (Wall Cavity and Ceiling Void) Testing
Post-Remediation Inspection and Testing
Other Indoor Air Quality Services Air Handling System Inspections
Airborne and Surface Bacterial Evaluations
Dust Mite Allergen Evaluations
HVAC Ductwork Evaluations
Odor Investigations & Petroleum Hydrocarbon Assessments
Presentations & Training on Indoor Air Quality Hazards of Fungi (Mold)
Indoor Air Quality Hazards
Indoor Moisture Control