Mold and Moisture Assessments

Identification of Bacteria & Fungi
OccuHealth, Inc. offers services for a full range of Mold/Moisture Assessments to ensure the comfort and safety of all employees and occupants. Our services include identification and assessment of any existing or potential problems and issues, remediation plan design, and post-remediation testing.
A wide variety of mold, fungi, and/or bacteria can contribute to health problems at the workplace. Besides irritation and discomfort, certain types of mold can actually be hazardous to the health of you and your employees. OccuHealth is fully equipped to identify the root cause of your particular issue, and ensure a fast and efficient solution.
Mold and Moisture Assessment Services Fungi and Bacteria Identification
Viable and Total Mold Identification
Wall Moisture Assessments
IR Camera Surveys
Indoor Testing Services Air testing
Air/Surface testing for fungi
Bulk testing
Evaluate moisture content of building materials
Water testing
Water testing for biological activity
Other Services Expert testimony for litigation support
Remediation scope development/design